Replica of Magellan’s Ship

The Nao Victoria was built using real blueprints. For this reason you can get a complete idea of what it was like to sail around the world

Imagine stepping on a big boat without heating, water, beds, kitchen, dramomine, doctor, private room, toilet or even a hot meal. Now, imagine yourself with 40 other people in the middle of a storm somewhere in an unknown ocean. And finally, imagine yourself set sailing without a map an a clear destination. You might agree that this sounds like a recipe for an insane voyage. And yet, this is a ludic description of the renowed expedition of the NAO VICTORIA 500 years ago. Ferdinand Magellan wanted to circumnavigate the planet with 5 ships and only 1 made it back home. If you are planning to visit Punta Arenas, don’t miss this unique opportunity to have a hands on experience with a voyage that not only discovered the Strait of Magellan, but also changed the view we have about our world. Step back in history and visit the replica of the first vessel that went around the world.

If you do not have a private bus, you can take public transportation.

The bus stop to the Nao Victoria is on the corner of Chiloe and Ignacio Carrera Pinto. Make sure you take the one that says:  RIO SECO.

There is one bus every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday. It costs 400 Chilean Pesos (about U$ 1) The drivers only take Chilean Money

Nao Victoria Open every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Entrance Fee: 3.000 Chilean Pesos or U$ 6

Address: Km 7 north phone: 96400772

To make your visit a complete experience, make sure you touch the water of the "Estrecho de Magallanes"

Author: Julio LLanos

Julio Llanos and I was born and race in the southern city of Punta Arenas Chile. The experience that had the greatest influence in my current job is the year that I spent in the suburbs of the windy city of Chicago. This encouraged me to study and become an EFL teacher. At the same time I developed a deep interest on the culture of my home town and region. It was at that moment that I decided to merge this second language with the passion that I have for the natural beauties of my region and so I began to work in tourism in 1999. As a chip off the old block I took advantage of my father’s 25 year experience guiding tours around the region to learn not only how to transmit facts, but to make people’s holiday in Patagonia a truly unforgettable episode in their lives. Some of the tours I have carried out are: City tour: discover the hidden beauty of one of the most important cities in Patagonia. Learn about the unique culture of Chilean Patagonia, the early times, the wealth and the controversial topics that still haunt our memories. This tour includes a visit to the Salesian Museum, the Braun Menendez mansion and the open air museum. Penguin Colony: enjoy the cuddly Magellan Penguin and their struggle for survival in this southern corner of the world. There are two options: visit the Otway sound colony or the national Monument “The Penguins” located in the middle of the famous Strait of Magellan. Reserva Forestal Magallanes: if you are interested on hikes as well as learning about the bio diversity of the Patagonian forest this is a place where you can get in touch with nature in a non crowded setting. Located 30 only 30 minutes out of Punta Arenas, this park can help you forget the long flights and bus rides Faro San Isidro and mount Tarn: walk along the shore line of the strait of Magellan to one of the southern most light houses in the world. Torres del Paine National Park: the jewel in the crown of all the national parks in Chile. A unique chance to interact with native wild life, witness the power of glacier forces and attest a true geological miracle: the world wide known “Paine Range”.

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