Transfer From Puerto Montt Airport to Puerto Varas

Transfer From Puerto Montt Airport to Puerto Varas

There are a few ways to get to Puerto Varas from El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt

  • Private Taxi will cost you around 25.000 Chilean Pesos
  • Shared Van will cost you 12.000 Chilean Pesos, but they go to Puerto Montt first and then Puerto Varas , so you will take more time
  • Call a friend and pay for the fuel

We have a line of Private Cars , we can offer  this services for a very convenient prize: Call Us or send us an e-mail

or send whatsapp or Line . +56-9-91590625 , e-mail here for checking availability



  1. Hola
    Neesito reservar un taxi para ir del aeropuerto al Hotel Cumbres Patagónicas llego el dia 23 a las 21:00 y salgo del Hotel el dia 27 mi vuleo de vuelta es a las 5.00 de la tarde.
    Por favor indiqueme como puedo hacer la reserva.
    Soledad Novoa

  2. What is the cost of a transfer between Puerto Montt airport to the Hotel Gran Colonos in Puerto Varas. I need to book it soon. My clients are coming from Punta Arenas April 16, . It is two people. I am also interested on other tours you may have, like to Frutillar for 4 hours on a morning and let them eat lunch there and bring them back to the hotel.
    Thank you.
    Do you have references of others clients you may have helped. I have never heard of your agency. Do you employ drivers that speak English?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Anita Ream
    Hingham, MA, USA

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