Transfer From Puerto Montt Airport to Puerto Varas

There are a few ways to get to Puerto Varas from El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt

  • Private Taxi will cost you around 15.000 Chilean Pesos
  • Shared Van will cost you 10.000 Chilean Pesos, but they go to Puerto Montt first and then Puerto Varas , so you will take more time
  • Call a friend and pay for the fuel

We have a line of Private Cars , we can offer  this services for a very convenient prize: Call Us or send us an e-mail

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Transfer Puerto Montt Airport to any Hotel In Puerto Varas

Author: Alex Maureira

Alex Maureira, founder of The Chilean Tourism Network, which is formed by a group of tour guides along Chile; who can help you with tips and free advice for your next trip to our country. I am a qualified tourist guide from Chile , 100% Chilean and I’ve been involved in tourism industry for 18 years; the last 15 years, guiding groups all over my country , I am 40 years old and I am available to solve all your inquiries about Chile.

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  1. Hola
    Neesito reservar un taxi para ir del aeropuerto al Hotel Cumbres Patagónicas llego el dia 23 a las 21:00 y salgo del Hotel el dia 27 mi vuleo de vuelta es a las 5.00 de la tarde.
    Por favor indiqueme como puedo hacer la reserva.
    Soledad Novoa

  2. Hello,
    My flight schedule is to arrive at Puerto Montt Airport at 22:00 Saturday evening, and I want to move to the hotel in Puerto Varas.
    Could you tell me if it is possible to catch a taxi at the airport in such a late hours?
    Or do you recommend to make a reservation in advance?
    Thanks for any help.

  3. You mention about the taxi costing 15,000 Chilean Pesos. Is that the cost of the taxi to Puerto Varas with several people or would that be the per person rate. Three of us are flying in on the evening of Dec 4th.
    thanks for your help,

  4. Senores – Somos dos personas y es nuestro deseo de ir desde Puerto Montt hasta Puerto Varas al medio dia. Cual es el costo una via?? Gracias por la informacion. Atentamente, Lourdes Vazquez

  5. Hola,

    Necesito un taxi del aeropuerto Tepual, cerca de las 16:30 horas, hasta un hotel en centro de Puerto Varas, qual es el mejor precio ?


    Levy Lempert

  6. Necesito un taxi desde El Tepual al Hotel Patagonia en Puerto Varas.
    ¿Cuánto sale?

  7. Necesito un taxi desde El Tepual al Hotel Patagonia en Puerto Varas.
    ¿Cuánto sale?
    René Urbano

  8. I´ll arrive in puerto moont tomorrow on sky airline at 10:15h. how much is the transfer for solace hotel

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